The IPA LegRegs Certificate ensures that agency practitioners especially those interfacing directly with clients in account management are fully conversant with the legal and self-regulatory measures that determine our business.
Who it is for
As part of the IPA CPD Accreditation for its members, 10% of your agency must have LegRegs and/or the Commercial Certificate. It's also aimed at account managers on the cusp of being promoted to account director. The knowledge contained in the programme is a helpful summary reminder for all practitioners including those in disciplines such as art buying and TV production.

Upon this programme's launch, IPA Council recommened this LegRegs become a mandatory condition of promotion from account manager to account director upon launch. 

The online knowledge programme does not aim to turn practitioners into legal experts; rather it ensures that practitioners are aware of the potential pitfalls so that they can either avoid them, adapt the work accordingly or take timely professional advice. The programme comprises three modules: Basic Intellectual Property, Regulation in the UK and specific Areas of Interest, covering subjects such as the use of celebrities, data protection and digital content.

Please note that the IPA is currently in the process of updating the LegRegs platform, with a view to completion by January 2017. As a result of this update, we may lose some discussion threads. We therefore recommend that, if you have found any discussions particularly useful, you save these on your own personal device.

Delays, re-briefing and write-offs due to lack of knowledge of law and self regulation are costly and wasteful. Better knowledge will minimise potential loss, speed up the process, improve bottom-line profit and enhance the professional perception of our industry. IPA LegRegs Certificate provides this knowledge.

Authors and contributors

The IPA LegRegs Certificate programme was devised by the IPA Legal Team, with content provided by sponsors, Lewis Silkin.

Breakfast Seminars
Twice a year, Lewis Silkin run a series of three breakfast seminars to support the online learning. Each seminar is based on the three main subject areas within the content; Basic Intellectual Property, Regulation in the UK and specific Areas of Interest.  It is not essential to attend these seminars in order to pass the qualification, they have just been designed to give participants an opportunity to listen to live examples and ask questions, they are by no means mandatory as there are only limited spaces available.

The next free breakfast training seminars on the IPA LegRegs Certificate to help your agency attain this qualification in accordance with the IPA CPD Standard Criteria are held in May and November 2017. 

Bookings are now open and can be made through the IPA LegRegs free breakfast seminars page.

The online learning is accessible for free via the "Access Online Learning" button on the right. Further information on this programme is available from bethan@ipa.co.uk.

Please note that due to a server upgrade, the Pathway learning system may be unavailable from 12pm this Saturday, 9th January. We expect the service to resume by 1pm. Thank you.

If you’re having a problem logging into the learning, please see our FAQ page. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please email bethan@ipa.co.uk

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