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2006 Brand Films Channel

Welcome to the 2006 IPA Brand Films TV channel! This is the place where you can watch our 2006 IPA Effectiveness Awards entries.

IPA Brand Films Introduction

IPA Effectiveness Awards 2006: Introduction to winning brand films

Daz 'Cleaner Close' (view IPA Effectiveness Awards Winners Gallery )

This case study challenges the perception of the demise of TV as an advertising medium, by demonstrating how Daz used TV as the hub of a holistic media strategy that enabled the reinvigoration of Daz, from being an ailing giant of yesteryear to being the favourite brand of British working class mothers. Following the successful 'Doorstep Challenge' campaign of 1993–96, Daz experienced a rapid decline in its fortunes, as it lost touch with its core consumers and Surf stepped in with a successful campaign of its own. By challenging some of the accepted conventions of laundry advertising, and armed with an in-depth understanding of our target market, Daz created an idea that blurred the divide between advertising and programming.

Virgin 'Return of the Train' (view IPA Effectiveness Awards Winners Gallery )

‘The return of the train’ was the highly successful result of an involvement-based strategy aimed at combating the emotional pull of the car and the plane. The campaign provided a modern take on the ‘golden era’ of rail travel with a romantic celebration of cutting edge innovation with ‘the good old days’ train service, supported by rational support in announcement orientated media. Overall journey numbers increased significantly over the campaign period when compared with the same period the previous year. West Coast revenues were up 32% year on year, and the incremental revenue generated from advertising was £29.7m, representing an ROI of £4.20.

Marks and Spencer: Your M&S (view IPA Effectiveness Awards Winners Gallery )

In spring 2004, consecutive sales declines and negative press coverage left M&S vulnerable to a second virtual take-over bid. In order to turn M&S fortunes around, communications needed to serve as a public declaration of M&S’s confidence and commitment to change and turn the tide of negative PR. Since the launch, ‘Your M&S’ campaigns have generated over £6m worth of positive press coverage and contributed to over 18million additional customer visits. In spring 2006, M&S reported Q4 sales growth of 9.1% against a backdrop of total high street sales down 1.4% on the year. In Spring 2006 the M&S share price was just below £6 and M&S had the highest P/E multiplier of any FTSE 100 retailer.

O2: 'A World That Revolves Around You' (view IPA Effectiveness Awards Winners Gallery )

In 2005 O2 changed the conventions of the UK mobile network market. A new campaign, 'O2: A World That Revolves Around You', talked to O2 customers through broadcast and personal media. It announced a radical shift in rewards, now for loyalty not for defection, with a new emphasis on customer service. The campaign reversed a rising trend in disconnections and attracted new customers. By the end of 2005, O2 overtook Orange to have the largest UK user base. O2's brand affinity also improved on a range of measures, including bonding, consideration and recommendation. Econometric modelling suggests a medium-term payback on investment of up to 80:1. Now part of Telefonica, O2 has achieved UK Brand Leadership.

British Heart Foundation: 'Under My Skin' (view IPA Effectiveness Awards Winners Gallery )

The ‘Under my Skin’ campaign for the British Heart Foundation answered the question ‘how can you effectively deliver an anti-smoking message when shocking isn’t shocking anymore?’ Choosing to avoid disgust inducing norms of the category, the BHF aimed to increase smokers’ determination to quit by illustrating physiological damage in a way that made it real, relevant and immediate, regardless of circumstances or age. ‘Under my skin’ strengthened the BHF’s perceived role as the friend of the smoker, helping save over 5,000 lives and paying for itself 600 times over. More than 225,000 smokers asked for help to quit during the campaign.

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