About TouchPoints

IPA TouchPoints is a unique, consumer-focused, cross-media, cross-device planning tool, produced in response to the needs of the communications industry.

TouchPoints provides context and perspective into people's lives and insights on their media usage.

It has three distinct offerings:

Hub Survey - Providing a detailed view of ‘a week in the life’ of consumer behaviour. Respondents record their activities for every waking half hour over a seven day period, giving a unique view of people's daily lives and how their media usage fits into these patterns.

Channel Planner - The only industry available, cross-media channel planner. It has been created by integrating the industry media currencies onto the Hub Survey.

Passive Data - Passively monitored mobile phone and tablet data which offers a deeper insight into mobile digital media consumption and can be cross-referenced with the Hub Survey.

In addition, users can integrate their own databases or proprietary tools to build a more complete picture of their company, clients and brands.

The IPA TouchPoints remit is:

  • to provide a single source survey and cross-channel planning system
  • to deliver new and fresh insights
  • to act as a gateway across data sources
  • to enable the industry to better integrate consumer reality into its planning approaches
  • to encourage and support best practice in communication research and strategy
  • to provide a new planning standard and practical planning system for "every day" use

Take a look at The Evolution of TouchPoints.

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Last updated 02/08/2016

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