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About the IPA

About us: The IPA is one of the world's pre-eminent trade bodies for marketing communications agencies. The IPA have over 260 of the UK’s brightest and best agencies in membership, from a broad range of disciplines, who between them handle an estimated 85 per cent of all UK advertising spend.

Our mission is straightforward: to promote the value of our agencies in membership. We do this in two ways: firstly, by acting as a spokesman and representing our members on issues of common concern; and secondly, by contributing to their professional operation via our range of advisory, information and training services.

The IPA represents agencies and only agencies; Not clients, advertisers or media owners. So our focus is single-minded when it comes to promoting the best interests of our members.

How does the IPA operate?

On a day-to-day basis we operate in a similar way to our agency members. Each IPA department manages a key aspect of the business, from Research to Creative, Production to Media, and, through a dedicated group of agency people and groups, is able to develop thinking and appropriate policy, publications, events and a range of support services for that part of the business. These different groups then report into the IPA Council which is responsible for the IPA's overall strategy and direction.

We regularly report back on key progress and developments through our News updates or regular Annual and Half-yearly Reviews.

We also work in close collaboration with many other advertising-related bodies and groups.

We are also a key player in the Joint Industry Committees (JICs) that have been set up to track the performance of each of the advertising mediums.

What are the obligations of membership?

Corporate membership

All member agencies are bound to:

• observe the provisions of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the IPA;

• pay their annual subscriptions at least six working days before the IPA’s AGM in April (failure to do so will result in the immediate suspension of services, the commencement of legal proceedings to recover the debt and the automatic termination of membership at the end of the year);

• commit to achieving CPD accreditation by the end of their first full calendar year in membership and to maintain annual accreditation thereafter (an agency can only fail to be accredited once in any five year period).

Should your agency wish to resign from membership at the end of any year, the IPA must be notified in writing prior to 1st November to avoid subscriptions becoming due for the whole of the following year.

In the event of you wishing to make a complaint against a member agency, you should address your complaint in the first place to the IPA Membership Director.

Personal membership

All personal members (MIPAs and FIPAs) are bound to observe the provisions of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the IPA, as well as to pay any subscriptions due at least six working days before the IPA’s AGM in April.

Why should clients only employ IPA agencies?

Clients should only employ IPA agencies due to their financial stability and their commitment to professionalism and best practice. You can download a document detailing ten reasons why clients should only employ an IPA agency.

Some common misconceptions about membership

IPA membership is mandatory for any agency wishing to trade

Incorrect: IPA membership is entirely optional for agencies and has no bearing on their legal right to trade. Nor is membership mandatory for individuals wishing to work in an agency.

IPA membership will secure accreditation from media owners

Incorrect: IPA recognition may help in the accreditation procedure, but it will not, of itself, grant recognition - this right stays with the media owner who will carry out his own checks on the credit worthiness and appropriateness of the applicant.

The IPA acts as a new business intermediary

Incorrect: the IPA is not a new business consultancy and does not act directly as a matchmaker between clients and agencies. That said, each member agency has its own page on the Agency List section of the IPA website, which is a popular hunting ground for clients looking to recruit an agency.

The IPA acts as a recruitment consultancy

Incorrect: the IPA does not act directly as a recruitment consultancy, although members are entitled to advertise vacancies free of charge on IPA Jobs Online.

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