Criteria to become a MIPA

Criteria to become an individual Member (MIPA) of the IPA, the key element of personal membership.

Criteria for appointment:

As of 1st July 2005, a successful MIPA applicant needs to:

  • be in the employment of a corporate member; **
  • have their application endorsed by the head of their agency;
  • have successfully completed 3 consecutive years' CPD and continue to
        practise CPD as evidenced by his/her log;
  • have successfully passed either the Foundation Certificate or Advanced Certificate (to become
        MIPA Cert.) or the Excellence Diploma (to become MIPA Dip.).

    ** There is a 6-month grace period for any individual who satisfies all these criteria, but ceases their employment with a corporate agency, to apply for membership.

    Seniority/experience examination exemption:

  • An individual who is employed by a corporate member and who holds a senior position
        (i.e. Chairman, CEO, MD, Creative / Client Services / Planning Director) and/or is greatly experienced
        (i.e. 10 years or more) in the industry, should be put forward for MIPA (but not MIPA Cert. or
        MIPA Dip.) status, which would require completion of 3 consecutive years' CPD and
        ongoing annual CPD practice (or possibly FIPA status).
  • This exemption route would require the completion of an exemption notice and an interview with
        a board made up of Membership Committee members.

    Criteria for retention:

    Once an individual has attained the status of MIPA (via the seniority/experience exemption route), MIPA Cert. or MIPA Dip., his/her retention of the title (but not the examination certificate) is conditional upon him/her:

  • upholding the IPA's Bye-laws;
  • maintaining the required level of CPD activity (i.e. 16 hours per year). Should the individual
        fail to maintain this level of activity in any subsequent year, the title would be removed
        - and would not be re-awarded until the individual has completed another full year of CPD activity.

    MIPAs leaving the employment of a corporate member:

  • If a new MIPA (who has qualified via the seniority/experience exemption route), MIPA Cert.
        or MIPA Dip. should leave the employment of a corporate member, the individual would be allowed to
        remain in personal membership as long as he/she pays a yearly subscription of £150 (plus VAT) and
        continues to practise CPD.
  • For existing MIPAs *, the CPD criteria would not apply, although they would need to pay
        the £150 (plus VAT) yearly fee.

    Retiring MIPAs:

  • For a MIPA to retain his/her status after retiring, he/she would need to pay the £150 (plus VAT)
        yearly fee. The CPD criteria would not apply.

    MIPAs wishing to resign:

  • Any MIPA wishing to resign would need to give notice in writing to the IPA prior to 1st November
        and pay all subscriptions (if any) due, to avoid paying the following year's annual membership
        subscription (if applicable).

    * Existing MIPAs are those who were awarded the title before 1st July 2005.

    Last updated 31/03/2010
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