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Employment Guidelines

The IPA Employment Guidelines are intended to provide general information about developments which may be of interest to management, HR/personnel and in-house legal teams, in relation to employment law and HR policy.

Where possible, they will highlight legal or regulatory employment issues which we believe are important to marketing communications agencies in the UK. Although we aim to keep them up-to-date, we do not guarantee their accuracy. They are not intended as statements of law and their contents do not constitute specific legal advice and should not be acted or relied upon as doing so. Members should always obtain professional advice from the IPA Legal Team or their own legal service providers.


Employment Law Alert: Workplace sexual harassment: Report on regulatory reform by Women and Equalities Committee Aug 2018
Employment Law Alert: Workplace privacy - New European court decision on monitoring workplace communications Nov 2017
Employment Law Alert: Update on employment status and the gig economy May 2017
Employment Law Alert: Update on employment status following the Pimlico Plumbers case Mar 2017
Employment Law Alert: Discriminatory dress codes: high heels and hemlines Feb 2017
Employment Law Alert: Acas and Government guidance published on gender pay gap reporting Feb 2017
Employment Law Alert: Employment status – latest ‘gig economy’ judgment finds bike courier is a worker Jan 2017
Employment Law Alert: Gender pay - final gender pay gap reporting regulations published Jan 2017
Employment Law Alert: TUPE: Do Timesheets Tell All? Jul 2016
Employment Law Alert: Mind the Gap – Government Publishes Draft Gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations Mar 2016
Employment Law Alert: European Court Decision - Monitoring Messenger Mail Jan 2016
Legal Alert: Modern Slavery Act 2015 - Slavery and human trafficking statement requirements Nov 2015
Employment Law Alert: Government Consultation: Closing the Gender Pay Gap Aug 2015
Employment Law Alert: Important Holiday Pay Judgment Nov 2014
Employment Law Alert: More TUPE talk Mar 2014
Employment Law Alert: BIS Guidance on the new TUPE Regulations Jan 2014
Employment Law Alert: Government Consultation on TUPE Jan 2013
Employment Law Alert: Government response to call for evidence on TUPE Oct 2012
Employment Law Alert: Managing Redundancy for Pregnant Employees or those on Maternity Leave Jul 2012
Employment Law Alert: Unfair Dismissal Update Feb 2012
Employment Law Alert: Government Calls for Evidence on Effectiveness of TUPE 2006 Dec 2011
Employment Law Alert: Final Government Guidance on Agency Workers Regulations May 2011
Employment Law Alert: Flexible Working Oct 2010
Employment Law Alert: Fit Notes Launching in April 2010 Mar 2010
Employment Law Alert: Right to Request Training Mar 2010
Employment Law Alert: Update on new rights for 'agency workers' Mar 2010


Employment Guidelines: Guidance on Code of Best Practice for Dignity at Work May 2018
Employment & Production Policy Guidance Note: Production and Equalities Issues
Employment Guidance note: A Pocket Guide to Redundancies
Feb 2018
Nov 2017
Employment Guidance Note and Update: TUPE Ten Years On: Tamed or still testing? Jun 2016
Employment Guidance Note: An Age-Old Problem: Discrimination in Job Ads Jan 2015
Employment Guidance Note: Shared Parental Leave - A Summary of the New Regulations Jan 2015
Employment Guidance Note: A Christmas Party Survival Guide for Agency Employers
Dec 2014
Employment Guidance Note: Flexible Working Aug 2014
Employment Guidance Note: Handling Redundancy (Updated April 2014) Apr 2014
Employment Guidance Note: Interns: To Pay or not to Pay? (Update March 2014) Mar 2014
Employment Guidance Note: Government responds to its Consultation on TUPE Sep 2013
Employment Guidelines: Keeping your staff running during the 2012 Olympics Jun 2012
Employment Guidelines: Diamond Jubilee - Bank Holiday Bonanza? May 2012
Employment Guidelines: Interns and the National Minimum Wage Nov 2011
Employment Guidelines: The impact of social media on employers and employees in and out of the workplace Jun 2011
Employment Legislation - What is in and what is out? Apr 2011
Employment Guidance Note: The Equality Act 2010 Oct 2010
Employment Guidance Note: Job posting guidelines Mar 2008
Employment Guidelines: New rights for 'agency workers' Guidance Note Jun 2008
Employment Guidelines: Non-employment relationships Feb 2007
Employment Guidelines: How to give feedback Jan 2007
Employment Guidelines: Appraisals Jan 2007
Employment Guidelines: How to manage induction Jan 2007
Employment Guidelines: How to run an appraisal interview Jan 2007
Employment Guidelines: Increase in Holiday Entitlement Jan 2007


TUPE: Do Timesheets Tell All? Jul 2016
TUPE Ten Years On: Tamed or still testing? Jun 2016
TUPE: Voluntary Protocol 2006 (updated July 2014) Jul 2014
A Pocket Guide to TUPE May 2014
Government Consultation on TUPE 2006 Apr 2013


Employment Template: Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form July 2018
Employment Template: Consultancy (self-employed/freelance) agreement for an individual consultant July 2018
Employment Template: Dignity At Work/Anti-harrassment & Bullying Policy May 2018
Employment Template: Staff Privacy Notice
Jan 2018
Employment Template: Specimen Contract of Employment Jan 2018
Employment Template: Internship Agreement Jul 2016
Employment Policies: Parental Leave Policy Jun 2015
Employment Policies: Paternity Leave and Pay Policy Template Apr 2015
Employment Policies: Shared Parental Leave (birth) Policy Template Mar 2015
Employment Policies: Maternity Leave and Pay Policy Template Feb 2015
Employment Policies: Flexible Working Policy Jun 2014
Employment Policies: Paid work placement letter template Jun 2013
Specimen Employer's Acknowledgement of Pregnancy and Maternity Leave Dates Letter Apr 2010
Legal Guidance Note Employment Policies: Redundancy Policy Apr 2010
Employment Guidelines: Work Experience Guidance Note Sep 2007


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