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Fundamentals of Branding Agenda

8.45am Breakfast: Arrival and breakfast

9.00am Introduction by Paul Bainsfair, Director General, IPA

9.05am Opening remarks by Merry Baskin, Course Chair and Founder, Baskin Shark Planning Consultancy. This will include introductions, objectives, agenda and warm up exercise.

9.40am Interactive kick off presentation – which will include some thinking exercises and discussion. (NB have you read/viewed your homework?) 

10.55am Coffee break 

11.10am Paul Feldwick: Why you shouldn't believe anything you've been taught about advertising

12.10am Exercise: related to Paul's presentation

12.45-1.30pm LUNCH. When we reconvene, please sit somewhere different. 

1.30pm Oliver Feldwick, Head of Digital Strategy, CHI & Partners: The Click Delusion: Building Brands in a Digital Age

2.15pm Nick Vale, Worldwide Head of Planning, Maxus: The Death of the Big Idea

3.30pm Tea Break

3.45pm Victoria Buchanan, Joint Executive Creative Director, TribalDDB: Creativity for Cyborgs

4.30pm Merry Baskin: Fresh Eggs and Flying lessons 

4.45pm Closing excercise, Q&A, Fundamentals reading list, CPD marked essay briefing

5.30pm Beer, Pizza and networking

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