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This is the homepage for the IPA Social project. It features what our group see as the 'big picture' as well as ten guiding principles for social communication. The conversations surrounding the principles are hosted on individual blogs.

Introduction by IPA President


The Big Picture

10 principles

Get involved



Social Media is a conversation. That seems to be one thing that we can all agree on.

But given that Social Media is a rather noisy and opinionated conversation, what value do we think we will have by adding our voices to it?

We are not Social Media gurus. In fact we are rather sceptical of people who claim they are. We are simply 10 people from across a wide range of communications disciplines in the UK and the US who would like to share some thoughts. Thoughts that have either been bugging us or inspiring us, thoughts that we believe could form some of the building blocks for succesful Social campaigns. We came together to respond to and add our voices to some work that the IPA had done earlier in the year.

We have each defined a Principle which we feel is important in this Social world. You will find each principle up here but they are also on our individual blogs where we will be curating the conversation which we hope they will generate. Please do get involved, maybe you think these principles don't apply, are there better ones? Are there changes that you would like to make? Are there examples that you could add to help illustrate them? The only thing that we ask is that as part of the advertising and communications community that you become part of the conversation. After all the more opinions that are being shared and built on, the more interesting and stronger the outcome. At least that's what we are hoping.

Thank you in advance.

Ten Principles

The group has identified these principles of social communication. Just click on the relevant link below to view.


 1. People not consumers
 2. Social agenda not business agenda
 3. Continuous conversation not campaigning
 4. Long term impacts not quick fixes
 5. Marketing with people not to people
 6. Being authentic not persuasive
 7. Perpetual beta
 8. Technology changes, people don't
 9. Change will never be this slow again
 10. Measurement and evaluate your social media strategy and activities

Last updated 18/11/2013

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