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IPA Social: Principle Seven - Perpetual beta

 Version 1.0  - author = Jamie Coomber

"Striving to be right first time is no longer acceptable. It means you're not willing to listen. #IPASocial"

We could take beta off all of our products tomorrow, and we wouldn't actually have accomplished anything...If it's on there for five years because we think we're going to make major changes for five years, that's fine”"  Google co-founder Larry Page

Previously when planning a marketing campaign, vast amounts of time and money were invested in ensuring the final product was as perfect as it possibly could be. This is because once the campaign was launched, it was out there to be judged for the duration. When looking at digital, we need to adapt our behavior as the medium allows us fluidity. It is in itself sociable.

We have the ability to listen to what is being said about our campaigns, to ask people how they would like to see it develop and even to involve people in its creation. This information should help us shape what the outcome should be. Contingency budget should be kept aside once a campaign has gone live to enable the agency to shape it based on the feedback taken from its audience.

New possibilities open up within digital every week, and so it’s even more possible that brands will be entering into the unknown. If they want to be seen as ‘being the first’ then they must accept this and open up opportunities within the community to help shape these possibilities.

People are very forgiving if they feel they are being listened to. Digital isn’t necessarily going to be the most beautiful element within a campaign, but it is going to be the one that people will feel the strongest bond with. 

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