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Sustainability Guide: Renew

Renewable energy sources section of the Sustainability Guide

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Earth, Wind & Sun. Not a snappy name for a new soul group, but the three most achievable forms of renewable energy for agencies. These are all available and ready for you to implement if you want to make what is the greenest step of all.

    Be in it for the long, cheap haul
Yes, it is a big, if not huge, commitment to use renewable energy sources. But once you have made your initial outlay in cost and time, renewable energy is cost-effective compared to traditional energy suppliers. You will save significantly on your bills year in year out.
  Go solar
Solar panels are relatively easy to install. They work in any weather, though the more intense the sun is, the more power they generate. You can use the energy straight away in your building, or link it back in to the power grid. Solar panels are a clean technology that releases zero CO2.
  Wind power
The rotating shafts on turbines use the force of the wind to rotate a shaft in a generator to create electricity. The windier it is, the more power is produced. Wind power means no CO2 is released and is clean.
  Get earthy
Biomass energy is split into two categories ‘woody’  (forest waste) and ‘non woody’ (animal waste). It is renewable because it can be replaced at the same rate it is used. Use it in a stove to heat rooms or through a boiler to heat water.  Biomass is carbon neutral. It gets rid of existing waste, using it to create heat. 
  Get your energy installed
Invest time and money in finding a credited installer who will fit your renewable energy source correctly. The Low Carbon Buildings Programme can help you find accredited installers. The Government provides grants through the Low Carbon Buildings Programme to help with costs (a high demand here).
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