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The Professional Development Team

Contact details for the IPA Professional Development Team

The IPA offers a full training and Professional Development programme for individuals working in member agencies with over 100 specially designed training courses and workshops which encompass core business skills and latest theory and practice.

Every year, more than 1000 of our members take part in this programme. We also host a forum for those responsible for training within agencies where resources and learning ideas can be pooled and experience with external trainers exchanged.

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Here's a short film about us:

The Professional Development Department also provides consultancy on all manner of Training and Development issues. Please look at the Training/CPD tab on this website for our complete offering. 

Director: Patrick Mills, , 020 7201 8208

Louise Hinchcliffe, Senior Manager, Course & Qualifications, 0207 201 8232
Jonathan Stocks, Continuous Professional Development Manager, 0207 201 8225
Kate Bromage, Qualifications Manager, 0207 201 8270
Indre Dragunaite, Professional Development Senior Executive, 0207 201 8251 
Jessica Stratton, Professional Development Senior Executive, 0207 201 8245
Matt Stavrou, Professional Development Executive, 0207 201 8212
Libby Foster, Professional Development Executive, 0207 201 8231

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