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Using TouchPoints in the planning process

How TouchPoints data can be used in the planning process of a campaign

The two TouchPoints databases have virtually limitless uses and applications relevant to all those in the communications business. There are plenty of well-documented case studies  you might find useful - the key scenarios are listed below.

For agencies:
Day in life of
New media insights
Segmentation by category adoption
Fused to enhance bespoke Client data
Non-standard audience definition
New audience insights to shape vehicle or message strategy
Multi media scheduling

For media owners:
Examining target audience behaviours to track media exposure opportunities
Comparing recency of newspaper exposure to shopping opportunities
Understanding purchase consideration by looking at shopping and with whom by day of week
Market and audience analysis to help define content for new product launch
Consumption of brand across different platforms by discrete, difficult to reach audiences
Creation of key customer segmentation
Concurrent media exposure (simultaneous media usage)

For advertisers and others:
Multi media relationships
Integrating digital
Contact to engagement
Market knowledge
New behaviour/ environments
Moments and places
Media relationships

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