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What's Inspiring... Dave Buonaguidi, Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Karmarama

Dave Buonaguidi, Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Karmarama on what inspires him...

Being creative is a wonderful curse. I mean that in the most positive sense. Actually, I’m being dramatic; it’s not a curse at all. It’s a calling. But that sounds really w**ky doesn’t it? I have a terribly inquisitive mind and as a result my mind is constantly buzzing, so every day I am inspired by thousands and thousands of things, the problem is trying to put all of them into practice. Sorting them and not letting the metaphorical draws in my mental plans chest fill up.

I’m getting older, I’m busy and I have kids, and as a result time is just flying by, and I have so many things I need to do.  I’m not into the travelling round the world, partying or nice dinner parties with advertising people. What I love is very simple; it’s about pure creativity. That is what makes me feel alive. Thinking and doing and making and producing ideas. And that is the curse. The wonderful creative curse I mentioned earlier. The unstoppable, instinctive desire to create.

A while ago, I watched a powerful film called Into The Abyss by Werner Herzog. It’s about death row. It’s great, but pretty grim. Watch it, but watch it on your own, and don’t even think about eating any cheese while you’re watching it.

There was one bit that really resonated with me. There’s a guy who works on death row, whose job it was to inject drugs in killer’s arms on execution day. To cut a long story short, he gets freaked out when he has to execute a woman (he has only ever executed men). He goes for a drink, and someone in the bar asks him how he fills his ‘dash’. He doesn’t know what ‘dash’ means. The other guy explains. Your ‘dash’ is the line between your birth date and your death date. In effect, your life. The death row worker has an epiphany etc. etc. etc.

It seems so strange to sum up a lifetime of experiences and achievements with a solitary short black line. A dash.

It’s the most inspiring thing I have seen for a long time, because it made me think: I don’t do enough. It made me think about all those ideas I have had. It made me think about what I need to do, and it turned on a big switch. I never want to waste another minute. I want to make sure every minute I spend is a minute well spent. If I have a great day at work, I want to use that adrenaline rush to go create even more. If I have a s**t day at work, I want to go and do something that will more than compensate for those ten hours lost.

Last updated 18/04/2013

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