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Ask Liz: How do I interview elsewhere?

Ask Liz: How do I interview elsewhere?
Dear Liz, I am looking to move agencies because I am unhappy in my current role. However, where I work now is very hot on sick leave and I have no further annual leave left for this year. How then, do I manage to get out of my office to attend job interviews? Please advise.

So, you want to leave but do not have the time to leave.

Before you start looking to move, I would ask that you first really look into why you think you want to leave. Remember, the grass is only greener if someone has been watering it. And when you leave you take your self with you. So what can a new role give you that you currently do not already have? Money is attractive, at first. But there is more to your career and sense of personal fulfilment than the cash. Attractive inflated salaries can cause problems later down the track as you become over-priced in the market place. And stuck.

If you still want to go, I suggest that you arrange your meetings early in the day or last thing in the afternoon. I am afraid that I am not going to come up with inventive reasons for your absence such as a washing machine flooding two weeks on the trot. You need to be careful about the stories you tell as your current agency is paying you to do a job. Depending on your relationship with your boss, you may want to consider having a grown up conversation about your career plans and how you might work together on this. Such a discussion may surprise you.

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