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Ask Liz: how do I juggle my job and CPD hours?

Ask Liz: how do I juggle my job and CPD hours?
Dear Liz, as you will know, we are required to perform a certain number of CPD hours per year. I am relatively new to the industry and struggling to find the time to do CPD activities outside of my already very long hours. How would you suggest I juggle the two?

The IPA requires that we all complete 24 hours/or pro rata CPD each year which equates to two hours a month.

I totally understand that everyone is working very hard and that finding time for other activities can be difficult.

However, I would say that learning and development is a part of your role as it means that new experiences and knowledge will help you perform better and, in turn, will produce even better work for your clients.

Your line manager should also be committed to your development and progression as well as discussing your development needs with you at appraisal time.

It is then incumbent upon them to make sure that you are released to attend the sessions that you have been nominated for.

But it is not all about attending workshops.

Your CPD log can include broadly anything you have done to develop yourself or another member of your agency: for example, courses, qualifications, teaching internally, reading business books, mentoring, being appraised, conducting appraisals, coaching, speaking at a business conference, lectures, taking part in the agency's welcome programme, attending a company meeting, attending an away day, attending an induction session, and so on.

Further information can be found on the CPD Hub.

As a new joiner to the industry, you should be enrolled on the IPA Foundation Certificate and should be exploring the Commercial Certificate along with Leg Regs.

I suggest that you talk to your manager about your priorities for the year and work out together how you will meet the required 24 hours.

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