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Ask Liz: how wild can I go at my Christmas party?

Ask Liz: how wild can I go at my Christmas party?
Dear Liz, I have my agency Christmas party next week and I was wondering what the general etiquette is for these events? I’ve heard that past parties have been really fun but I do not want to make a fool of myself in front of the whole company. How should I act?

Xmas is a time to let your hair down and have a fun time after a full on year.

Have a drink. Have a laugh. And have a great time. Just make sure that you are not etched into the agency annals of time as a result of your antics at the Christmas party.

Your CEO really does not want to hear your views of everything that is wrong with the agency at 2am. Be careful who you grab under the mistletoe. Avoid removing any clothing in public, and any personal rants with your boss about why you deserve a promotion and a pay rise. What seems like a good idea in a vodka fog may not seem so clever when you come to face these folk with the mother of all hangovers in the lift at noon the next day.

Make sure you get a licensed cab, or travel home in pairs. And do not drink and drive.

If you are a leader in the agency you can have a great time too. Keep your intake in moderation and don't commit yourself to anything and don't get caught up in anything that you would not want tweeted.

That way you can all hold your heads high the next day.

Happy Holidays!

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