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Ask Liz: my client is overpowering, help!

Ask Liz: my client is overpowering, help!
Dear Liz, I am an Account Manager at a very busy agency. We have just won another big client who is demanding and, more often than not, refuses to see any other point of view. I feel that my powers of persuasion are eluding me. Please help!

Everybody has a point of view and everybody is right. Sometimes we just need to put ourselves in the other person's shoes and see the world from their point of view. We all have gifts to bring and by finding a way of harnessing these we can make for better relationships. Some folk like data, facts and logic. Some like big ideas and far reaching connections. Some people keep their thinking to themselves and pop up with ideas and thoughts long after the meeting. Others like to verbalise their thinking, talk things through and let everyone know what is on their mind.

To influence you need to understand what the person wants and needs. And take some time to see their map of the world. NLP can help with a wealth of Myers Briggs Type indicator information; check out Sue Knight and NLP at Work and

And for a more active approach you could sign up to a great interactive and pragmatic IPA session with Graham Singleton on ‘The Art of Persuasion’, where you will learn a range of different persuasion techniques and have the opportunity to put them into practice.

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