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Ask Liz: what can I wear in the hot weather, help!

Ask Liz: what can I wear in the hot weather, help!
Dear Liz, now the sun has decided to make an appearance I was wondering if you had any advice on what is appropriate to wear in this hot weather, whilst maintaining professionalism?

As the warm weather makes an appearance, the thorny question of “how should I dress in the agency” rears its head again!

Whilst we are all getting a bit warm, with or without air conditioning, we all need to keep a professional look at work. We are a professional services business with corporate clients who expect us to look ready for work and not the beach. So, how do we do this?

To make your life a little more comfortable I suggest the smart “city preppie look" is acceptable for the boys. Essentially, this means that smart tailored shorts to the knee and a smart shirt, or an ironed tee-shirt, may be worn on the days that you do not have a client meeting (take a look at some Top Man pictures for some inspiration). You should also bear in mind that whilst you may not have a client meeting of your own, clients are in your agency on a daily basis and it is important that you look professional. On that note, it might be worth keeping a spare pair of trousers in the agency so that can make any last minute wardrobe changes as required.

At the risk of being contentious, as I know many a creative likes their Havianas, I would say that flip flops and trainers are not acceptable wear.

Sorry girls, but short shorts are not acceptable for the ladies. I am aware that the tailored short and culottes look is in vogue at the moment but, like the boys, tailored shorts to the knee with a smart top look fresh and great. And a bit of fake tan for the fairer skinned of us can complete the look!

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