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Australia in safe hands for CPD roll out

Australia in safe hands for CPD roll out
Kate Bromage, IPA Qualifications Manager, reflects on a successful trip Down Under to announce an exciting new global partnership.

What better way to celebrate the 10th birthday of IPA qualifications than flying to Australia to help launch them there as part of The Communication Council’s new curriculum.

When we arrived at The Communications Council in Sydney, the excitement was palpable. While Skype had fostered the relationship up to a point, to be able to fly to the other side of the world, and be part of the launch, suddenly made what we had been working towards, over the previous 12 months, very real.

To witness first hand how the portfolio of IPA courses and qualifications have been embraced, and see the sterling work that has been carried out by The Communications Council, really emphasised how this was something very special and a huge moment in IPA training, not to mention the impact this could have on the industry as a whole.

It slowly dawned on me that I was on the other side of the world listening to people enthusiastically talk about the qualifications and courses that I had proudly watched flourish in the UK and this was enough to banish any form of jet lag, as the scale of what we had achieved hit home.

The collaboration allows The Communications Council to take the framework and localise it for their local market. This isn’t an exercise in IPA world domination, but an opportunity to share the successful formula that has become such a rite of passage in the UK advertising industry.

The success of the IPA courses and qualifications lies in the fact that they are designed and delivered by the industry, for the industry and spreading this philosophy globally can only strengthen the portfolio and drive the ultimate goal of creating a global professional standard.

For the 10,000 plus individuals in IPA membership, who have already passed an IPA qualification, this means you will now have a globally recognised qualification on your CV.

An indicator of their future success in the Australian market, and perhaps a catalyst for IPA training coming to Australia, is the huge community of expats working out here.

Having been lucky enough to attend the Agency Symposium in the Hunter Valley, it became apparent that many of the industry leaders were either British or had spent a portion of their career in the UK.

They had already been exposed to IPA training earlier in their careers and fully supported The Communications Council’s drive to embed elements of IPA training in their curriculum, complimenting their existing training portfolio.

A beautifully prepared pack from The Communications Council, awaited all Symposium attendees in every hotel room outlining the new curriculum. Even as IPA President Ian Priest took to the stage to deliver his keynote talk on his IPA Presidential agenda, one of the first announcements of the conference was the launch of this collaboration.

I am extremely proud to be here in Sydney, so I can look back in years to come and remember where it all started. While I do not doubt for a second that these qualifications and courses will be hugely successful out here, and that they are extremely safe in the hands of The Communications Council, there is still that protective mother part of me willing them to do well.

I hope people liked them, I hope they become embedded in agency training and I hope they don’t drink too much Goon… (Oh wait, that was my first visit to Australia!)

Kate Bromage is IPA Qualifications Manager.

Check back next week for more on the trip from IPA Head of Export Michael Burns.

Learn more about our Australia roll out here or explore our extensive CPD offering here!

Last updated 19/09/2014

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