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Behind the Scenes - O2 'Be More Dog' by VCCP

Behind the Scenes - O2 'Be More Dog' by VCCP
The VCCP team tell us the story behind O2's 'Be More Dog' campaign.

The latest O2 campaign is the next big strategic chapter (it’s the 4th if you want to know) in O2’s short life. Today’s strategic challenge? When consumers’ digital usage, needs and demands have advanced further and faster than anyone could have ever imagined, what’s O2’s place and role in their lives?

Not a small question, you might have spotted, and certainly one many other companies, (and not just Telco’s) also appear to be scratching their heads about. What we needed was an idea so big and broad that it would effectively open customers minds to the possibility of O2 being quite a different company in the future – new kinds of products and services, a new kind of relationship, a quite different brand...

So, probably not a brief you would think at first glance might be answered through the manifestation of the differences between cats and dogs.

Why was it right for O2? Because this campaign isn’t about a TV ad, or even a series of TV ads, it’s about an attitude; a state of mind, an expectation not just of O2, but much more importantly, of yourself. It’s about O2 being confident and brave enough to ask its consumers to join it in an incredible journey of discovery and positivity, and have an open mind about what an incredible place the world is today.

Is this a massive leap for O2? Not really when you consider that they launched with the mantra ‘see what you can do’ 11 years ago – this is a brand ripe and ready, born for this moment, to take on the challenges and opportunities of a digital age.

As for the buying of any brave idea, it wasn’t the instant client hit VCCP thought it would be. It was the first presentation I have felt nervous about for a long time. Rightly so, it turned out. A long, heavily debated creative journey– but one that only got better and stronger and more convincing for both client and agency as time went by. One question always loomed large though – just how, oh how, would we find the Cat-Dog? And that, I’m sorry to say, has to remain a secret.


Sophie Maunder-Allan is Group Strategy Officer at VCCP, and lead planner on O2.

Last updated 23/07/2013

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