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Getting client relationships off to a good start

Getting client relationships off to a good start
Anna Stone, New Business Manager at 23red, shares her tips for ensuring new clients are happy from day one.

At the beginning of any business relationship you can’t beat a good old fashioned conversation and a checklist. Your checklist should of course include the basics like signing the contract and booking a kick off meeting, but what about the softer things like saving all new client contact details somewhere everyone can find them and briefing the agency receptionist on the new client and when they’re coming in?

Everyone has different ways of working. Some people like to read their emails as they travel, some would much rather you picked up the phone to them. Do you know which one your client prefers? Does your client always try and leave on time to play tennis on a Thursday night and would therefore much prefer you to call them Friday at 9am than Thursday at 5.30pm?

It’s also worth considering the way you report to them. Find out when your day to day contact has to report to their boss, then make sure you report to them in good time before that so they have the most up to date information at the right time.

Ask them how and what they report and make sure the information you give them answers these questions. If you report in Excel and they then have to do a presentation of the information maybe they’d appreciate it if you created a few graphs by way of illustration.

This isn’t about sending your client's kids birthday cards, this is about making your client's life as easy as possible, so you can get on with coming up with great creative, and they can get on with signing it off.

For more on creating better client agency relationships, follow the progress of our ADAPT programme or join the debate on our LinkedIn group

Last updated 02/10/2013

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