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IPA Qualifications celebrate 10 years at the top

IPA Qualifications celebrate 10 years at the top
IPA Qualifications Manager Kate Bromage reflects on 10 years of IPA qualifications and what the exciting future holds

In 2004, 168 people sat the first ever IPA examination, the IPA Foundation Certificate. Now 10 years and seven qualifications later, over 10,000 individuals in the UK have passed an IPA qualification.

With record breaking numbers signing on to take the Foundation Certificate each year and a growing uptake across our entire qualification portfolio, there has never been a greater demand for professional industry qualifications.

In his inaugural speech upon becoming IPA president in spring 2003, Stephen Woodford pledged to focus his two-year term on building business confidence within our industry and to establish a firmer, long-term foundation for the advertising business as a profession through the introduction of examined qualifications.

With interest for IPA qualifications now growing beyond IPA membership both for clients and internationally, it is clear that Woodford’s vision has never been more relevant and 10 years later the IPA are still leading the way in industry qualifications.

The IPA prides itself on offering training developed by the industry for the industry, and this truly is the secret behind the qualifications' longevity and success.

For 10 years our member agencies have continued to generously share their knowledge and expertise ensuring our qualifications reflect the constantly evolving industry we work in, reinforcing the professionalism of our industry and building a generation of qualified practitioners.

It is this continued support that has allowed the qualifications to flourish and, for this, we are truly grateful.

Over the last 10 years, we have developed a portfolio of qualifications that we are extremely proud of. It is hugely rewarding to watch them become ingrained in agency culture and recognised not just in this industry, but in the wider world of e-learning, having received several prestigious e-learning awards across the years.

We are excited to watch the qualifications continue to grow, both within the UK and internationally, building a worldwide community of qualified IPA practitioners, with our members at the forefront.

Following the recent announcement of the latest IPA Foundation Certificate results, we now turn our attentions to more important concerns, recognising the 10 years through a succession of celebrations; after all what birthday is complete without a big party? (More details to come soon).

We hope to raise a glass with as many of you as possible, to thank you for your continued support, input, long revision hours and to wish our qualifications many happy returns.

Kate Bromage is Qualifications Manager at The IPA

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Last updated 12/05/2014

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