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What do you get out of One-Day Code School?

What do you get out of One-Day Code School?
Dave Birss, founder of Additive, on how the One-Day Code School can enhance your career.

I love the internet. It's the most powerful creative tool we've ever had. Its potential is what drew me away from a career as a traditional advertising creative to become a digital tinkerer. My love of all things pixelated led me to learn as much about the web as I could. And my passion for it made me want to share the possibilities with others.

That's what led to the creation of One-Day Code School.

However, over the last few years I've discovered that not everyone's like me (which is lucky for them). People attend One-Day Code School for different reasons. And I thought I'd share some of those with you here.

I want to spot opportunities
When you understand how things are put together, you have a much better idea of what they're capable of. At One-Day Code School, you get a good understanding of HTML and CSS and learn how to insert JavaScript. Or in layman's terms, you learn about content, style and functionality. And when you know about that, you have a better idea of what the web is capable of and how you go about building it.

I want to be able to spot the bulls**t
When you don't know about web builds, you don't know when you're being hoodwinked, overcharged or fobbed-off. I've always had a vague suspicion that motor mechanics have ripped me off in the past. But I've never known for sure. Maybe if I'd attended a One-Day Road School I'd have a better idea. Information is power.

I want to have better conversations with developers
We don't expect One-Day Code School attendees to throw in their current jobs to become web developers. So we want to give them the ammunition to have better conversations with the web developers they already use. When you speak a bit more of the language, it becomes easier to hold meaningful conversations. Otherwise you're just doing the equivalent of speaking slowly and loudly to foreigners. And that kind of ignorant behaviour leads to resentment and misunderstandings.

I want to learn how to do more with the web
Some of our attendees have to use bits of the web for their job - and they just want to learn how to do more with these platforms. For example, they might be responsible for constructing emails, updating a website or posting blog articles. And that puts them in contact with a little bit of HTML and CSS. They just want to understand that stuff a bit more so they can use the platforms more effectively.

I want to brush up on my coding skills
We've had a few people on the course who simply wanted to refresh their rusty coding skills. And the hands-on nature of the course is perfect for that.

I'm sure there are lots more reasons. Like planning to start a personal web empire, simply wanting to escape the office for the day or having a thing for a bald, geeky Scotsman (which is totally understandable).

Whatever your reason for coming along, you'll be picking up lots of useful stuff like:

  • how the web works
  • how to access the source code of any page
  • how to understand HTML
  • what people mean by HTML5
  • how to style a webpage
  • what CSS3 is all about
  • how JavaScript adds functionality to your page
  • what a load of jargon means
  • how developers work
  • how best to work with them

And you'll finish the day by coding your very own webpage that you can share with the world! Everyone who comes along gets an exclusive One-Day Code School book to remind them of everything they learned during the day. And continued access to all the online resources we've built for you.

So there's no shortage of reasons to book a place.

And if you've got another reason we've not mentioned here, we'd love to hear it.

The next One-Day Code School run by Dave Birss will be held on 11th July 2014.

Last updated 22/01/2014

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