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Five areas of search marketing worth specialising in

Five areas of search marketing worth specialising in
BrightonSEO Founder, Kelvin Newman, on the five areas of search marketing worth specialising in.

Search Marketing, in its various flavours, has been around for quite some time. It’s one of digital marketing’s most developed and understood channels. For people working in the digital sphere, it has always been a good skillset to develop, but in recent years a number of opportunities have arise for even more specialism with Search Marketing.

It is an area where commercial demand for skill is high but the supply of knowledgeable marketers is low.

So if you, or someone in your team, has experience within SEO and PPc it is worth considering whether to delve deep and specialize in particular area, as discussed below.

ASO (App store optimisation)

The majority of search behavior takes place on mobile and handheld devices. As a result, Search Marketing has started to concentrate more of its attention on mobile SEO. One area of Mobile SEO which is particularly exciting is App Store Optimisation. App Store Optimisation ensures that Apps can be easily found within the major mobile app ecosystems. These App Stores rely on very different algorithmic triggers, compared to conventional search, so they require a different approach.

Local SEO

Some studies suggest that as much as 43 percent of search queries have some kind of local intent[1]. ( 2012) This is significant because Google use a very different algorithm to determine local results.

If your business (or your clients) has some kind of local dimension, then you need to understand the methods that you would use to ensure local visibility.

Remarketing and retargeting

Paid search has always been one of the most cost effective forms of paid advertising because there’s such a strong signal of intent. Someone who searches for a product or service like yours is very likely to purchase. But there’s even more intent made visible, when someone has made that search, clicked on one of your advertisements, and then visited your site.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads allow exactly that kind of targeting. This is available within Google Adwords but this is not always understood fully by paid search marketers.

Video SEO

Lot’s of companies fully understand the potential of online video marketing to promote their business, but tend to spend more time concentrating on the creativity rather than the discovery of that content.  Even though, highly inventive and original content is important; without a plan, a method for distribution and discovery, the video may be a poor investment. Video SEO is one way of increasing the potential audience of a video and maximizing the investment in video marketing.

Content Marketing

One area where SEO has been expanding its reach is Content Marketing, this is much broader than Search but often people with a background in search marketing find themselves able to develop great content marketing skills.

All these areas are worth exploring, and can be great places for a search marketer to develop a specialism.


Last updated 14/08/2015

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