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Q&A with Lime

Q&A with Lime
Lime's young creatives share what it feels like to enter (and win) our inaugural Best of Health Show Pip Award for Young Talent.

What's the most fulfilling aspect of working in healthcare advertising?
We get high on helping people. The best bit about working in healthcare advertising has to be the opportunity to help people before they get ill - which is why the Pip Award brief was so appealing to us.

What made you decide to enter the awards?
We like to shock people. We thought the internationally-renowned IPA Best of Health Show could be an ideal platform to shock the rest of the industry into realising that great ideas come from anywhere - including our little agency, burrowed into a railway arch in the underbelly of a little town called Windsor.

What was the most challenging aspect of the project?
Suggesting young people might want to write a suicide note before gambling with a legal high isn't the most comfortable idea for everyone. But we have a mantra at Lime - to make our clients feel uncomfortable - and that helped us carry the idea through. We've met with the Angelus Foundation and are working with them to take the campaign into the real world - we're expecting plenty more challenges to come, but hopefully very rewarding ones!

What was your reaction when you found out you had won?
Maxine (who unfortunately couldn't be with us at the Awards show) heard our screams of joy all the way over in Budapest. I think we were all quite humbled to be recognised on this level, but even more thrilled that we might have the opportunity to make our idea work on real people.

Who inspires you most within the industry and why?
Being a Kiwi, Rachel admires the creativity Nick Worthington's bought to Auckland, and Sarah is currently squeezing ever last ounce of wisdom from Luke Sullivan's book. Julia learned a lot from Andrew Spurgeon at Langland and continues to be inspired by those around her, while Maxine finds magic in music.

Creative team: Maxine BaconSarah Beane, Julia Jerrum and Rachel Lamb

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Last updated 07/12/2015

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