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The Fundamentals in Branding

The Fundamentals in Branding
Does the pace of change in the industry mean that too much is being lost in the wash?

I’m pretty old, by advertising standards, positively ancient. I started out at JWT back in the seventies. My first bosses had lived through the Don Draper, Mad Men era. Working with them I heard about many of the great advertising legends. Names like Rosser Reeves, David Ogilvy, Stephen King, Bill Bernbach Helmut Krone and Julian Koenig quickly became familiar to me. I learnt about the campaigns they had created and influenced. I was able to use this knowledge to earn the trust of my clients.

Last year I got hold of Paul Feldwick’s book “The Anatomy of Humbug”. As Paul says, this is not book about how advertising works. Paul does not think there is one answer to that question. It is more about how people have thought advertising works, over the last 100 years or so. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Not only is it full of compelling stories about many of the great names but it also explains the contribution of many great thinkers that even an old adman like me has never heard of. It joins the dots and sets out the history of advertising thinking with great clarity.

I think Paul’s book is tremendous but it started me wondering. How much of this knowledge being passed on today? Is it that the pace of change in our industry combined with the passage of time means that too much is being lost in the wash?

After asking around and quizzing younger ad professionals, I came to the view that we need to do something to hold on to this accumulated wisdom. So with this in mind, the IPA is launching a new course called “The Fundamentals of Branding”.

This one day workshop will be held on Wednesday 16th November. There will be brilliant speakers including the great sage Paul Feldwick, his son Oliver Feldwick, Victoria Buchanan and Nick Vale, and the workshop will be run by the irrepressible Merry Baskin. It is my hope that the course will not only be terrifically informative and fascinating but that it will also be empowering. It will put clear blue water between your junior practitioners and their clients, in terms of understanding about how and why advertising works. 

Places will be limited so please make sure you get your brightest down for the workshop. They will come back better able to articulate why your ideas and strategies are likely to work. They will become more passionate about our great industry. And your clients will love working with such well informed professionals.

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