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Why CPD Gold can help boost your agency

Why CPD Gold can help boost your agency
Kate Bruges and Rob Hunter explain how CPD Gold helped arm their workforce for the future and invigorated their agencies.

Kate Bruges (Co-Director of Talent, JWT and IPA Council member)

We’ve come a long way since CPD was launched. The goal was to professionalise the industry and introduce core best practice: appraisals, inductions and a minimum 16 hours learning and development annually.

15 years on, we have a culture of continuous professional development embedded in member agencies.

Our talent has grown up in an environment where taking ownership of development, achieving industry recognised qualifications and commitment to learning - a minimum of 24 hours a year - is normal.

This year saw the IPA award its 10,000th qualification certificate; there is a full suite of qualifications to enhance skills across all disciplines.

Such is the quality and scope of these bespoke learning programmes, uniquely authored by leading practitioners, that they are sought after internationally - the IPA Foundation Certificate is now in 60 countries, and taken by clients.

CPD Gold was introduced in 2008. The Advertising Effectiveness Awards of the CPD community, they are rigorous and demanding; demonstrating the business impact of CPD.

So, what now for the future?

Our ambition is no less than to continue the transformation of advertising from a professional industry into a profession where we are seen as qualified, trusted and valued expert practitioners of our skillset.

Seeking Chartered status, which is seen as a mark of professional competence by our clients, helps attracts the best, most diverse talent, and inspires public confidence and trust in advertising and advertising practitioners.

We will do this by continuing to promote the very best qualifications, expanding the curriculum to reflect the latest industry developments and encouraging the widest possible participation.

We will continue to demonstrate to clients, recruiters, pitch intermediaries, and other key opinion formers the value of CPD and the real bottom line impact on business performance.

Above all we will make every individual talent within an IPA member agency feel supported, inspired, confident in their professional competence and proud to be part of our extraordinary profession.

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Rob Hunter (MD and Founder, Hunterlodge/Advertising and Co-chair of the IPA Professional Development Group)

The defining moment I realised CPD would be the cornerstone to our business success was back in 2005. With our turnover stagnating, I started my own learning journey and enrolled in the Chartered Director programme with the Institute of Directors.

Five minutes into the HR module, I realised the company was not all about me – it was about my people!

The more I invested in developing my talent, the higher the opportunities for enhanced business results across my organisation.

There is global acceptance that qualified staff are better at their jobs. In turn, this leads to better quality solutions, greater efficiencies, stronger morale, much happier clients and, most importantly, higher profits for all stakeholders.

Our industry CEOs have acknowledged the huge importance of improving talent, rating CPD as the most important service offered by the IPA every year for the last 10 years. We always check to see what qualifications any new candidates hold and those with industry recognised qualifications are in a lead position before walking into the room and have secured a greater proportion of job roles.

This year has been Hunterlodge’s most successful year with 12 new client wins since January. These wins are not down to chance – it’s simply down to the effectiveness of our advertising strategies and implementing best practice gleaned from our learnings over the last five years.

We advocate the IPA because their course quality is not just useful but highly applicable to effective solutions for our clients.

Holding qualifications such as the Eff Test and Advanced Certificate means our staff are hard wired to only suggest creative, media and digital solutions that will generate the highest possible ROI and payback.

With business results such as these, it is not hard to see why CPD plays a pivotal role in our business development strategies.

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Last updated 02/12/2014

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