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New communication models need new remuneration ones too

New communication models need new remuneration ones too
Stack CEO Liz Wilson outlines why the IPA's Performance Adaptathon is crucial towards shaping a new era of commercial creativity.

As excellent performance and fair return are the bedrock of a strong business relationship, both are frequent and important parts of every senior client relationship professional's agenda.

So naturally many of the Client Relationship Group's activities touch on these issues both directly and indirectly.

Recently Louise Brett, of professional service firm Deloitte, led an excellent breakfast session sharing how her CEO had identified the quality of relationship and service experience as his key business strategy for differentiating and growing their business.

The foundations of his strategy lie in agreeing the right commercial parameters at the outset to allow time to be invested in truly understanding his clients' businesses and the landscapes they operate in, in order to understand where best to engage, and define the difference between where the team is simply fulfilling a need brilliantly and where genuine new value can be created.

Similarly Suki Thompson of Oystercatchers shared insight from some of the clients of her relationship consultancy practice.

A consistent theme emerged: to deliver outcomes where it counts - in the boardroom - requires deeper understanding of the true growth drivers of client business and how they can be influenced.

In all of the Client Relationship Group's work we learn time and again that our natural attraction towards working in a spirit of mutually beneficial partnership is also borne to as commercially effective analysis by Aprais demonstrates that longer, committed relationships deliver better work and better outcomes and better value for everyone.

As the marketing landscape continues to change at a pace, the big conversation across the client and agency community is around responding to that change, and reflecting how we live now.

And new models of communication, of course, require new models of remuneration.

The IPA are hosting their next Adaptathon on 8th July, when a wide cross section of client and agency people will gather to work together on better ways to drive and reward performance in our relationships.

We hope you will come along, join the debate and help to shape a new era of commercial creativity that's a win-win for everyone.

Liz Wilson is CEO of Stack.

Click here to book your ticket for the Performance Adaptathon at Altitude in London.

Learn more about the fourth chapter of Ian Priest's ADAPT agenda on our Hub.

Last updated 02/07/2014

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