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Bring your own effectiveness

Bring your own effectiveness
The effectiveness of owned media is not much researched or understood. By exploiting the genre's ability to support trusted information, creative innovation and better customer journeys, brands on the 2014 IPA Effectiveness Awards Shortlist have demonstrated owned media's potential.

In Royal marriages as in politics being the third party is never a welcome role.

In that sense, owned media is the Lib-Dem party of media. The name periodically changes, you have to remind yourself what it stands for, and its biggest impact is usually in a coalition where its individual contribution isn’t clear, anyway.

Indeed, it is quite hard to find serious research or discussion of the effectivenesss of owned media in delivering communications goals. Where serious debate exists, it tends to talk about owned media either in terms of its relationship to paid and/or earned media or in connection with the related but discrete subject of branded content.

This matters because there is evidence from markets such as Australia that spend on owned media is rising, as part of a global trend that "content can come from anywhere" which is one of seven key developments identied by PwC as reshaping the media environment.

As the most rigorous competition of its type in the world, can the IPA Effectiveness Awards shed any light on this area? We've just published this article on the subject, which is briefly summarised below.

This year’s Effectiveness Awards Shortlist includes case studies by London 2012 (pictured above), Sainsbury’s, Deutsche Telekom, ITV, ONLY Jeans, easyJet, Ready Baked Jackets and Fire Safety - all of which feature key contributions from owned media.

These case studies don’t always include quantifiable proof of owned media activity in isolation from other channels, but they do involve clear and prominent roles for owned media properties in contributing to the overall campaigns’ effectiveness.

By combining information from these cases (published in full from October 28), interviews with shortlisted authors and historic IPA Databank papers from Fiat, Aquafresh and Volkswagen, it is possible to identify some common themes among successful deployments of owned media.

Although owned media is perhaps most commonly used in IPA Awards cases to provide low cost additional reach and message reinforcement to campaigns primarily using paid and, in recent years, earned channels, there are some more strategic applications of the genre in evidence.

These include using owned media:

• To convey trusted information and recruit customers;
• To deliver innovate creative formats;
• To shape better customer journeys;
• To track purchasing behaviour directly via e-commerce.

Some categories such as automotive have been earlier to the game in developing a commercially effective use of owned media,but the examples of ONLY Jeans, ITV and easyJet show that other sectors can also find strategic roles for owned media properties.

IPA Effectiveness Awards cases uphold a high benchmark of strategic rigour, so they cannot be taken as generally representative. That is why we need to hear from you.

Is owned media increasingly important to clients? Are there other examples and approaches to owned media that demonstrate innovation equally as well? Is there another role for owned media that you have found effective? Do you find the accepted model of the relationship between paid/owned/earned media a helpful or practical one?

We won’t promise a secret ballot, but we can promise that in this context all parties will be heard.

Last updated 03/10/2014

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