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Footage from the Eff Fest

Footage from the Eff Fest
Catch up on content from last month's Eff Fest, a one day conference challenging conventional thinking on the value of creativity.

The launch of #IPAsocialworks - a project to identify cases which demonstrate the ROI of social media - was among the Eff Fest highlights.

Speakers from Transport for London, Telefonica and BT discussed how they measure the business value of social. 

Consultant Nick Southgate explains why marketers should seek out creativity which engages consumers in a state of flow.  


Phil Barden explains the science behind consumer decision-making. 


Paul Feldwick discusses how to structure your organisation for effectiveness. 


Sandra Schembri, CEO at not-for-profit members' club The House of St Barnabas explores how creative thinking can give a commercial advantage


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Last updated 06/11/2013

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