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Mastering the art of branded content

Mastering the art of branded content
Steve Ackerman, Managing Director at Somethin’ Else, outlines why getting branded content right now is key to future-proofing your agency.

In an advertising world that is faced with an ever evolving landscape, the recent rise of content and the demand for it from both clients and consumers is yet another challenge for agencies and their staff to grapple with.

So new is this conversation that there is still debate over exactly what qualifies as content as opposed to traditional advertising and, therefore, what new skills and talent are needed within agencies.

We are also faced with established media players such as newspapers or broadcasters trying to steal some of adland’s creative thunder by setting up their own in-house teams thereby targeting clients directly with solutions that previously they would have turned to agencies for.

Content demands a different approach with clients, new forms of ROI measurement and a new mind-set that talks to audiences not consumers.

This poses all sorts of challenges that are completely different from strategically planned, storyboarded, one-off executions.

Many agencies are not fully geared up yet for the content challenge and how best to respond to increasing requests coming from clients.

They are struggling to understand the editorial demands of content, the on-going conversation with the audience that it requires and the differences in creative approach that are vital.

Those agencies that are responding are often having to look outside of our world for the skills and understanding that are needed to give clients the services and thinking they are looking for.

The demand and need for a better understanding has led the IPA to create a bespoke one-day course, “Mastering the art of branded content”.

During this day we’ll hear from some of the leading agency practitioners who have already had success in the content field.

We’ll give you an understanding of why it’s different from traditional advertising, how to plan it, how to integrate it into a campaign and how to measure it.

We’ll also establish the definitions of what exactly content is as well as showing plenty of examples of work.

Importantly, we’ll hear from the long established experts at content, those from media and broadcaster organisations such as the BBC or Vice.

These are people for whom creating “always-on” editorial content aimed at a specific audience is part of their DNA.

So a day featuring a range of agency, client and media voices which culminates with a dinner for all attendees where online superstar and owner of SBTV, Jamal Edwards, will give us his insights into content and targeting audiences.

The coures is aimed at all levels and will provide revealing insight for anyone keen to understand more about the skills they or their agency need for this fast changing space.

To book on the 9th July 2015 course, please click here.

Steve Ackerman is Managing Director at Somethin’ Else.

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