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Playing the long game with 'Selling Creativity Short'

Playing the long game with 'Selling Creativity Short'
'Selling Creativity Short: Creativity and effectiveness under threat', the latest analysis of insights from the IPA Databank and the Gunn Report, is creating a stir.

The report warns about the dangers of a short-term focus and under-investment in media support for creative campaigns.

There has been coverage from UK industry mediabloggers and sites in Canada and Italy of the study's case that the efficiency of the most highly creatively awarded campaigns has halved in less than four years as a result of short-term marketing practices following the global financial crisis.

The central points of the argument and a short video interview with Peter Field are provided below.

However, the full report covers many more issues including the impact of cross-channel creativity and the role of different creative strategies.

As with many eye-catching publications, there is a risk that the conversation will highlight the most dramatic findings and ignore some of the other, longer term truths that emerge from the analysis.Ironically, this would be a demonstration of the very short-term thinking the report warns against.

Download and read the full report here to avoid this danger.

Peter Field's latest investigation into the IPA's databank of Effectiveness Award case studies and The Gunn Report creative awards dataset was produced in association with Thinkbox, the TV industry's marketing body. It reveals five key trends: 

1. Budget investment behind creativity has fallen sharply. 

2. Short-termism is undermining effectiveness.

3. Cross-channel, digital creativity is not an answer to short-termism.

4. The achievement of fame is in decline.

5. TV is still the primary driver of creative success.

Selling Creativity Short: Creativity and effectiveness under threat, published June 2016.

To further the effectiveness conversation, leaders from the world’s foremost brands and twenty international industry associations are to host Effectiveness Week, spearheaded by the IPA. The collaborative programme, from 31st October – 4th November, will focus on championing evidence-based, decision-making to fuel the growth of brands. Find out more at

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