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7 action points from the Eff Fest

7 action points from the Eff Fest
With 16 speakers in eight hours, there was a lot of fascinating information to digest at the IPA's Eff Fest this week. Digital Editor Rachel Wareing shares her seven action points from the day.

1) Bookmark the Government Digital Service design principles

GDS Creative Director Russell Davies came to tell us about the work of the GDS, a new team within the Cabinet Office tasked with transforming government digital services. It all came about following this report by Martha Lane Fox.

GDS are doing a remarkable job reviewing, reworking and bringing together many thousands of pages from umpteen government websites into a single domain: Not only that but they are publicly documenting the process and sharing their learnings with the world.   

Their ten design principles are truly inspirational for anyone interested in making useful things on the web. 

2) Search YouTube for the fairground scene in Big

There was something oddly familiar about one of the guests at the Eff Fest. His name was the Beardy Planner - and it wasn't just his plaid shirt, black-framed spectacles and utterances of marketing insight which rang bells.

If you've ever seen Big you'll understand why. Beardy - hipster cousin of wish-granting automaton Zoltar - is Publicis' idea to help us launch our new effectiveness hub

We can't promise he'll grant your wishes, but he might help you get out of a strategic pickle. 

3) Buy copies of I'll Have What She's Having and Decoded

I imagine more than a few Amazon parcels will be winging their way to delegates after Phil Barden and Alex Bentley's talks on Tuesday during the 'sciencey' part of the day hosted by Mark Earls.

Bentley, a Professor of Anthropology at Bristol University, explained how consumer behaviour is far more social than you might think - the premise of I'll Have What She's Having (which is co-authored by Earls)

Meanwhile Barden gave us a whirlwind rundown of Decoded, which explains why we buy what we buy through the lens of behavioural economics and psychology. And he obviously follows his own advice, because I went straight home and downloaded it to my Kindle. 

4) Add Jude Kelly to list of 'female career heroes'.   

Another of our speakers, Mary Portas (already on my list), tweeted that Kelly was the 'best speaker I've ever witnessed'.

Kelly, who is artistic director of the Southbank Centre, spoke eloquently about never underestimating the public's own creative powers. Her explanation of the post-war origins of the Southbank Centre was fascinating. Did you know that half of the workers who built the centre in 1951 were refugees?

See her in action at another event.   

5) Google 'Mr Chicken'. 

After Mary Portas made a comment about 'charity shops and fried chicken shops' being the sign of a dead high street, jellymonger Sam Bompas told us about Mr Chicken, the graphic designer every new chicken shop proprietor worth his salt goes to for their shop sign. 

Happily, you can read all about him in this interview with Creative Review. 

6) Admit members to the IPA's new LinkedIn group. 

A shameless plug this, but the Eff Fest saw the launch of our new discussion group for people interested in measuring and evaluating effectiveness. It's open to anyone working agency-side, in market research or marketing.

We hope you'll use it to pool your knowledge, ask questions and share your views on topics such as the best ways to measure the ROI of social media

7) Book tickets for the House of St Barnabas.

Sandra Schembri, CEO of the House of St Barnabas, explained how this private members' club with a conscience provides jobs for London’s homeless in a Grade II listed Georgian building. 

If your membership needs are already catered for elsewhere you can still buy tickets for one of their events - I've snapped up tickets for 'Twitter is a Girl's Best Friend', a panel discussion with Miranda Sawyer, Poppy Dinsey and Philippa Perry.

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