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Client Service: From management to leadership

Client Service: From management to leadership
Steven Crouch, Account Director, Hunterlodge, looks back at what he learnt on the 'Client Service: From management to leadership' course.

I find it hard to imagine that many people can, hand on heart, say that from the very first second of a course to the very last one they were continually learning whilst having fun. This was certainly the case for me with the IPA Client Service: From Management to Leadership course.

The three-day course brought three very different days of activity, each with its own carefully thought-out agenda culminating with a bit of soul searching and self evaluation to determine your strengths as a leader. Every speaker that presented from agency CEOs, client Marketing Managers and company MDs, all gave their unique personal and experienced views on leadership, what makes a great leader to them and how to practice this in your day to day roles.

Outside of the course came a great opportunity to spend time with like minded people from different agencies and course leaders / speakers you would not normally have that amount of valuable time with. This was spent discussing roles and finding similarities in each other’s jobs, no matter what your agency or client base, it was refreshing to learn that everyone faces the same high and lows in this industry and to realise we all have the one same thing in common – we all love working in this exciting industry.

Taking what I’ve learnt from this hugely inspirational course and applying it to my day-to-day role is not going to be hard. The course tutors and speakers made it very easy for me to picture implementing everything we were discussing within my own agency. Many of the core elements and take outs from the course are things that will stay with me through my entire career and will hopefully have helped shape me into becoming an inspirational leader, with all of this knowledge - maybe in a few years time I will be the one hosting a session on this course.  

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