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How to really measure and evaluate effective campaigns

 How to really measure and evaluate effective campaigns
Banish 'Planning Imposter Syndrome' once and for all and get the ultimate in effective training on how to really measure and evaluate effective campaigns - the 'Eff Test'. Not convinced? Here's what a recent planner, VCCP's Ayla De Moraes, who undertook the challenge said...

The Eff Test is a really useful course to do if you are interested in understanding measurement and evaluation of campaigns in detail across many different types of campaigns - from ATL advertising, all the way to promotional activity and PR campaigns. Using the IPA databank, the course gives you intense background not only on how and what to measure, but also which campaigns are more effective, therefore helping ensure the campaign you produce, is as effective as it can be.

It is something which you will end up using in one way or another in your day to day work and helps ensure you feel much more confident when discussing measurement and evaluation in front of clients and internally. It gives you the rationale to why specific ways of measurement are right, which helps you to really understand the background and feel confident in your decisions. However it's not something to be taken lightly as it does require a good deal of online learning and revision and you should probably think about starting your revision about three months before the actual exam date.

To date it is the most relevant and useful exam I have ever under-taken, and although it was challenging, it was well worth the hard work. I use the knowledge I acquired on a daily basis and would recommend it to anyone who is interesting in understanding more about measurement and evaluation of campaigns.

The Eff Test learning programme is available free online to all IPA members. The next exam (£250 + VAT) is on 20th March 2014.

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