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How to win a Pencil with Tim Lindsay

How to win a Pencil with Tim Lindsay
On Thursday the 19 November, the IPA for Scotland held their ‘D&AD: Pursuit of Creative Excellence’ event at Union Advertising Agency in Edinburgh.

To say Tim is an experienced ad-man would be an understatement. He has held top management positions at everywhere from Y&R and Publicis to TBWA and is currently Chairman of The Gate Worldwide.

Before embarking on a tour of some of the fantastic advertising ideas celebrated at this year's D&AD awards, Tim told us a little about the organisation.  D&AD Pencils are among the most prestigious awards in the business and some of the most sparsely awarded.  This year the top award - the Black Pencil - was awarded to only five entries, and this is not uncommon.  Unlike many of their competitors (such as Cannes) D&AD is a charity and ploughs all of its profit back into developing the industry. Additionally, the entries are judged purely on the creative idea and execution, making them distinct from, and complimentary to, the IPA Effectiveness Awards.

Tim gave us his top tips for winning a Pencil.  These ranged from being brave and positive in putting up strong ideas for awards in the first place, to thinking carefully and creatively about which categories to enter them.  He stressed the importance of explaining the local cultural relevancy of campaigns, given the judging panel’s wide range of nationalities.  Finally, Tim’s top tip for a growth category in marketing is healthcare, which he expects to become ‘huge’ within three years. 

 All in all a fantastic talk from Tim and the IPA, and a fine way to kick off a Thursday morning.

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