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Turner Prize: Creative Inspiration?

Turner Prize: Creative Inspiration?
Is it art? Is it bollocks? Is it commercial? Is it a small child standing in a crowd shouting ‘look at me!’

The debate at The Drygate hosted and steered by Tim Lindsay, CEO, D&AD drew upon the thoughts, musings and opinions of Vincent Deighan, aka Frank Quietly, and Professor Tom Inns, Director, Glasgow School of Art.

 Vincent championed creative inspiration as a whole through showing a variety of his work, and discussed the benefit of the Turner Prize in challenging convention and the mainstream view of art.

Tom Inns put the Turner Prize in context within the art world, within the GSoA and discussed its importance to the city of Glasgow as a whole.

Interestingly, the debate afterwards polarised the audience into a very black and white, love it or hate it, Marmite type situation.

What shone through for me, above and beyond each Turner Prize piece, was that the level of debate the Turner Prize sparks, is creative in itself. People questioning the merits of each piece, to questioning what art is, means the debate itself is broadening minds on both sides of the advertising/art pond and this can only be a good thing for the industry.

 What a thoroughly enjoyable evening, and a big thank you to the IPA, Creative Clyde and Interactive Scotland for hosting.



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