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What's inspiring...Father Christmas

What's inspiring...Father Christmas
In this exclusive interview Father Christmas divulges what's inspiring him...

I’ve got to say the food I get on my travels is one of the things I look forward to the most; from mince pies in Britain, to Risengrød in Denmark, to Pan de Pascua in Chile. Although despite my sweet tooth my favourite food has to be pizza - one that is deep pan, crisp and even!

Sorry, I digress… but before I say what inspires me, I am heartened to see that I inspire others – it seems that thousands of people have been rather taken by my sartorial splendour and have donned my fetching red and white onesie to take part in fundraising Santa Dash events across the UK, collecting money for charity and kicking off the festive spirit for December. A big well done to all those taking part and to all those supporting you – you will certainly be on my delivery round come 25th December.

Santa Dash Liverpool 2006

Right, on to what inspires me… well I’ve got to say my biggest inspiration for what I do has, of course, got to be the kids. Although it’s a hard task (you think you have lots of admin!) sorting through the millions of letters, and making my lists, it’s all worthwhile in the end. Some of the letters I’ve received over the years have really made me ‘HHHOL’ (ho-ho-ho out loud). Here are a few personal highlights:

You may have been nice this year son, but I still don't know where I'm going to get a 'Panda born yesterday'. 

Letter to Santa

Sometimes I feel like a therapist.  

  Letters to Santa About Krampus

As long as her spelling improves, Jennifer E is going to make a great corporate lawyer one day. 

 Letter to Santa

 Ho, Ho, Ho!

Merry Christmas!

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