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What's inspiring... Lucy-Anne Ronayne

What's inspiring... Lucy-Anne Ronayne
Work Club Creative Director Lucy-Anne Ronayne lets us into her world on the back of being named an IPA Woman of Tomorrow 2014.

In ancient Celtic culture, history and laws weren’t written down.

They were memorised as poems and transported verbally by fili, an elite class of clever bard types who would jaunt around the land telling everyone what was what.

The system continued through the ages to seanchaithe, professional storytellers who were experts in audience captivation.

Fast-forward again and I was born: Irish and historically programmed to admire anyone who can spin a good yarn.

In the business of creativity, I hold storytellers in the highest of all esteems. They are the interface between marketing plans and human beings, the presenters who distil vast vats of information into the most riveting drop, the directors who leave you weeping in the aisles of Barbican Cinema 1, the people who are funny in pubs. And I’m a massive fangirl of the lot.

As is the great joy of the Internet, any fan of any discipline can spiral deeper and deeper into their fandom. I maintain an intricate bookmarking warren filled with storytellers I find along my way.

Here are a handful, in no particular order of excellence, with links to to the reasons I rate them:

Filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki | Illustrator Ralph Steadman Creative director Grace Coddington | Director Joon-ho Bong | Reporter Robert Krulwich | Film graphic designer Annie Atkins | Musicians The Beastie BoysComedian Maysoon ZayidArt / fashion person Pari Eshan | This guy: Adrian Carton de Wiart

Producer Gregory Bernard | Writer P.G. Wodehouse | Director and writer Ruairi Robinson | Comedian Sasheer Zamata | Editor Danielle Pender | Musician / journalist Henry Rollins | President Michael D Higgins | Musician Heems | Director Meat Grinder | Artist Tim Nolan | Editor Luis Venegas | Musician / Writer Rza

Whoever writes this | These nice ravers commenting on this YouTube Clip | Designer Whybray | Musician Dev Hynes | Stylist P.C. Williams | Creative Director Sarah Andelman | Writer A.A. Gill |  Director William Strobeck | Stationer Leigh Batnick | Textiles artist Kaffe Fassett

Pattern people Anna Murray & Grace Winteringham | This guy on Vine | Artist Yayoi Kusama | Chef / writer Margot Henderson | Tattooist Bert Krak | ‘Creativity expert’ Sir Ken Robinson | Creative directors Carol Lim & Humberto Leon | Photographer Steven Klein | Sci-fi writer John Wyndham | Editor Omar Sosa | Photographer Nina Manandhar | Artist Janet Echelman | Anyone talking here

They are a magnificent bunch of people who use all sorts of ways to tell stories, the kind of inspiration that I’m always on the hunt for.

If you have more, do please wing them in my direction.

If you're a Creative Director interested in contributing to "What's inspiring... " please email

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