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What's inspiring... Debs Gerrard

What's inspiring... Debs Gerrard
Debs Gerrard, Associate Creative Director at Albion London, reflects on the trailblazers that fuel her daily creative endeavours.

Like many creative youngsters I was advised to "fill my head with s***", it being pointed out that I "might need it one day".

This was far from being bad advice, especially as it excused spending my first hard earned dollars on films, galleries and exhibitions rather than moving out of my parents and giving up mum’s free washing service.

But as much as I enjoyed (and still do) sponging my way around the world, greedily furnishing my brain, over the years I found myself being drawn more to the stories behind all this art, product and content.

How people actually get there. The narrative that results in all these things we hungrily absorb.

From Ferran Adrià and the relentlessly scientific six-month process that actually sits behind putting a dish like Kellogg's Paella, on the menu at elBulli.

To Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp’s story behind how Uber will get me home tonight.

To Arunachalam Muruganantham and his bizarre, yet equally moving, sanitary towel quest.

The leaps, the jumps, the trips, the falls. The logic or lack of it. It’s powerful stuff.

However, looking under the bonnet becomes an obsession. Each day I find my internal monologue asking more questions than one of those inquisitive five-year-olds you wish was a bit older so you could excuse punching them.

But it’s worth it. Uncovering one story of invention inspires an ambition to discover the next and, of course, in the end to try and create one of my own.

It may still be the end result of these remarkable endeavours, "the s***", with which I was told to clutter my brain with, that might actually get crashed together to answer that next brief.

But today it’s the backstories that inspire me more.

Debs Gerrard is Associate Creative Director at Albion London and Campaign Face to Watch 2014

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