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IPA Website - Cookie Policy

Cookie policy for users of the main IPA website

Cookies on this site

What are they?

'Cookies' are small text files that are stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive, mobile phone or other device you use to access websites.

What cookies does the IPA use on its site?

Essential for site functionality:

We use three Microsoft cookies which are essential to enable our site, which is built in, Microsoft’s development language, to function. Without these, our site would be unable to read and write the text files which are essential to support services which you have requested, such as ticking the ‘remember me’ box,- so that you don’t have to login each time you visit the site or each page you look at when you do - or passing your details through to our shopping cart when you wish to buy event tickets or other online content from us.

Essential for users’ site experience:

We use three cookies from comSCORE and four cookies from Google Analytics which are essential for users’ experience of our site. They provide us with information on how many unique browsers we have had during a given period and how often people visit our site, where and when they tend to come in and which pages they were looking at before they left, and so on. We use this information to best manage content for users and to improve all users’ experience on our website. We do not use cookies to collect information that indentifies you personally. For this reason these cookies are often called ‘anonymous analytics cookies’ and are entirely benign.

You can find out more about cookie use by Google Analytics here.  The longest lifespan of these cookies is two years.

comSCORE merely assign a unique number to their cookies, which have a maximum lifespan of up to five years.

Contained within our website is tracking code from Traffic Truffle. Traffic Truffle will track activity on the website and provide The IPA with information on the IP address of the requesting computer (this data is not anonymised), the date and duration of the user’s visit, and the web pages which the user visits. The Traffic Truffle tool complies with the data protection act because it is only providing information that’s readily available in the public domain. The Traffic Truffle tool uses IP tracking for identifying visitors and not cookies. It does not, and cannot, provide information on WHO has visited the website. It provides information on WHAT company. 

We have no means of tracking your surfing behaviour on other websites before or after you visit this IPA site.

What is the legal position on cookies?

The law about use of non-essential cookies changed in May 2011. You can find more information about this from the Information Commissioner’s Office
 In the meantime, you can tell your web browser to notify you whenever a website attempts to set a cookie. You can also tell your browser to disable and/or refuse all cookies, although doing so may affect your experience of many websites. Each browser has slightly different ways of handling cookies but you can usually find out how to do it via the ‘Help’ or ‘Settings’ options on your browser.

There’s also a really useful site called All About Cookies  which is a free resource to help marketers and consumers understand the issues surrounding the use of cookies.

Last updated 05/06/2017

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