Behavioural Economics - Newcastle, Manchester & Bristol

What is the course about?

Behavioural Economics is the study of what actually drives consumer behaviour.  Sometimes seemingly irrelevant factors strongly influence the choices we make.  By better understanding these forces we can help positively (& ethically) influence a brand's health.

 What topics will be covered?

This one day workshop will explain and illustrate the two guiding questions and nine principles of Behavioural Economics. The workshop then facilitates the brainstorming of potential applications of each of the key principles to the delgate’s brands. Thus everyone who attends will not only gain a theoretical understanding of behavioural economics, but more importantly, will walk away with tangible applications to their brands.

 Who is the course suitable for?

Clients, Account Manager, Account Directors, Planners - even creatives can enormously benefit from knowing more about the power of behavioural economics in driving behaviour towards a brand

 Who is the tutor?

Paul Arnold. Psychologist by training with 25 years experience in advertising (Saatchi & Saatchi & Grey) - Latterly as the Global Planner on GSK Healthcare brands. Paul also holds 2 Masters: MBA, MSc in Change and is also a Master Practictioner in NLP.


“Good training sessions are informative. Great training sessions are inspirational. Truly great training sessions are inspirational and practically useful. Paul’s session on Behavioural Economics is truly great. We’ve all read about BE. We all have an awareness of what it can offer our agencies and clients. However, it is only when you interact with the ideas first hand….you really start to ‘get it’. We took the tools and techniques from our day with Paul and have been able to directly apply it to our approach to briefs. Within a three month period we’d won one significant piece of new business based on a BE  driven strategy and engaged several existing clients with new ideas and initiatives”.

Phil Coverdale (MD at Cravens, Newcastle)

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