Commercial Strategy for Marketing Services - Edinburgh

CPD Value: 8 Hours


Commercial strategy for marketing services is a one-day intermediate level course to improve delegates’ strategy for the day-to-day negotiation challenges of marketing services. The course has been developed specifically for the marketing services sector and concentrates on the challenges faced when selling as part of negotiation, whether it be for a project fee, a cost estimate or an annual retainer.

Who’s it for?

Senior level staff responsible for the successful negotiation of significant, long-term client contracts, projects or cost estimates.

Learning and benefits.

Delegates will be equipped with insight, strategies and techniques to negotiate for better outcomes. They will know how to better prepare for negotiations and be more confident at the negotiating table – if indeed negotiation is necessary.

Content in more detail

  • Course introduction – objectives, agenda, housekeeping.
  • How to Buy a Gorilla, key principles – setting out the common context and language for the breadth and depth of client business problems, their appropriate risk profiles, investment strategy and what they mean to clients’ marketing business. Looking at the  dynamics of the marketing/procurement/agency triangle.
  • Setting the context – for of fee, project and budget negotiations – the importance of understanding the commercial and personal interests of your clients in marketing and/or procurement.
  • Money - How agencies make money. Looking at the difference between value-based pricing and value-based remuneration. Understanding the difference between time, effort and value.
  • Understanding procurement. Lifting the lid on what makes procurement tick and the knowing-doing gap between what procurement generally does and what it ought to do. Becoming familiar and confident with procurement business models and tools..
  • Commercial principles – Establishing a set of common principles for projects and fees in marketing services. Looking at profit margin in fees vs profitability of agencies, how to defend and justify profit levels.
  • Negotiation principles – What makes a “good” negotiation? Why is a win-win result usually in the client’s best interests? How can we help them to understand that?
  • Commercial strategy for new business – Understanding how negotiation power changes in the new business process.
  • People in negotiation – Understanding the psychology of negotiation and how to overcome rational or irrational resistance. Examining how to deal with difficult people including combating intransigence and cognitive dissonance.

Who runs it David Meikle

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Course Dates and Locations

The Edinburgh Training and Conference Centre, 16 St Mary's Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1SU,   02 Nov 2017 09:30 - 17:30

Non-Member Ticket: £630.00
Booking Deadline: 28/10/2017

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