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Agencies are at least five times more likely to win new business from existing clients than new clients.  Yet most agencies fail to approach this significant area of potential growth with the same rigour and vigour as a new client opportunity.  With this in mind we have worked with JFDI to put together a fantastic day of training dedicated to helping client service teams grow their existing business.

The agenda is as follows:

What’s the point?
Why winning business from existing clients is so important and the path to profitable growth.

Marketplace overview
What is it like out there now?  What are we up against?

Planning for growth
Why you are 5x more likely to win new business from existing clients.
Setting targets, the strategic value contribution of clients.
How to identify growable clients, knowing where to look and when to ask.

Creating opportunities
Spotting opportunities, client research and client mapping.
What are the high gain questions?

Developing opportunities
Prioritising your client network and tapping into your marketing department.

Within the day are two exercises, so delegates can put what they learn into practice.

Trainer:  JFDI

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