The Fundamentals of Branding

CPD Value: 20 Hours

MIPA Accreditation: 1 star

The Fundamentals Of Branding

Back by popular demand, this one day course teaches junior practitioners to think more purposefully about how communication and advertising works. By reviewing the philosophies, models of thinking and methodologies of the past, they will be encouraged to reflect on how those schools of thought can be applied or evolved to maximise their glorious digitised future.

Here’s course chair Merry Baskin's take on it:

“As with any profession or skill, it makes sense to master the basics and understand the ‘rules’ before you can set out to break or change them. We forget our past at our peril.

Far too few of us have a clearly articulated theory of what brands are for, or how advertising works, and yet we work in that industry and expect our clients to heed our advice and pay us money for it.”

Who is it for?

Designed for those with up to two years’ experience in the industry. Candidates who have recently taken or are currently working towards completing the Foundation Certificate may find this course an interesting companion piece of learning which contextualises the role of agencies by looking more deeply at their output.

What will you leave the course with?

After the session delegates will leave with a better understanding of the history of our industry; what is applicable now; what has changed and what hasn’t. They’ll have access to useful case-studies, insight into the power of creativity and the ability to discuss bigger issues with clients from an informed position with supporting evidence. Delegates will also complete a marked essay after the course based on the learnings during the day, if they do well in this essay they will receive a MIPA star.

Paul Bainsfair commented: “I’m thrilled we have seen over 70 people through the Fundamentals Of Branding course since we launched it at the end of 2016 and am pleased to say we are running it again this spring in London and in Birmingham in the Autumn because of demand.  We are lucky to have secured the same brilliant line up; the course chair will be the irrepressible Merry Baskin, we have the great sage Paul Feldwick, Ollie Feldwick, Victoria Buchanan, Nick Vale and this time round we are pleased to announce Patrick Collister as our keynote speaker. You only have to look at the feedback from delegates of the last course to see how invaluable the day is.”

Past Delegate Feedback

Copywriter:  “When I was initially enrolled on this course, I held some doubts about the value I could gain from learning about the fundamentals of branding. Ever the cynic, I wondered whether it might be more suited for individuals working on the planning/account side. I don’t think I could have been more wrong. All the contributors were highly engaging and offered incredible industry insight. A fantastic course.”

Account Exec: “What is communication? With a degree in Marketing and working in an industry where communication underpins absolutely everything we do, you would think this would be an easy question. It was not. Rather than worryingly questioning whether I’m in the wrong industry or if my mind was in fact a sieve, having listened to leading speakers in the industry talking about communication from completely different perspectives, it became perfectly clear, no-one truly knows what communication is, and neither should they. What sets you apart, is how you mix the proven with the un-proven, the logical with the anarchy, the science with the art, to create your own theory of communication that elevates your work beyond the public space, and into the minds, thoughts and lives of your consumers.”

Graduate Trainee:  “Having attended the Fundamentals of Branding Workshop, I would now also have the confidence to challenge the client on whether or not this would be the best use of their budget. Furthermore, I would push the client to really explore their audience. Following the course, I am confident that I have further developed my understanding of the digital landscape and how this can be integrated into part of a bigger brand piece.”

Media Planner:  “The key takeaway for me from the Fundamentals of Branding was an idea we kept coming back to during the day: that advertising is an art and a science.  This is where agencies can add value to their client’s business and how they can in turn succeed.” 

The delegate will also be set pre work: to provide a 50 word biog about their experieince and the name of one of the brands the delegate works on, to read a Stephen King essay and to come ready to discuss, and to also choose an advertising campaing containing a TVC that the delegate admires for it's creativity and it's effectiveness, all to be sumbitted in the online portal.

The speakers include Nick Vale Victoria BuchananPaul FeldwickOliver Feldwick and Patrick Collister.

The session will end with networking over pizza and drinks.

*CPD hours based on attendance on the workshop, the extra reading within the portal and the completion of the assignment. The payment of £500 + VAT covers all of these elements, no extra payment is required. 

Don't believe us on how valuable this workshop will be? Go to Campaign's article on the importance of the course and how the past can shape the future

Course Dates and Locations

IPA, 44 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8QS,   19 Apr 2018 08:30 - 18:30

Non-Member Ticket: £900.00
Booking Deadline: 18/04/2018

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