10 Practical Steps

Through our research and various consultations, we have arrived at 10 steps that every agency should be doing right now.

Develop a strong and clear understanding of the business case for diversity as it's relevant to your organisation. Only then will it resonate with leaders and people across the business.

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Develop a top down approach, with leadership commitment, and recognise this as a long term behaviour change programme; there is no quick fix.


Know who you are. Undertake a thorough audit of all your people in all department and all levels – gender, age, ethnicity, disability. Record and measure the data using analytics, and figure out what good looks like to you.

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Ensure you have a balanced speaker panel for any events that you are running.


Hire a Creative Pioneers apprentice or a STEM intern through the IPA AdMission programme. Entry level recruitment is a great way to inject diversity into your talent pipelines.

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Make Unconscious Bias training compulsory for all staff.

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Nominate up to three diversity champions within your agencies who represent diversity in terms of race, disabilities, LBGT, women (returners, future leaders).

Nominate diversity champions


Make employees feel good about themselves by creating a sense of community through groups and networks within the company which staff self-select to join.

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Look outside adland to learn how other industries are tackling diversity.

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Celebrate your success – provide us with positive stories and role models to amplify the message and inspire the next generation of talent both within and beyond your agency.

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Last updated 14/10/2016

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