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Guinness: An effectiveness story made of more 2016

IPA Effectiveness Awards Case Study

Brief Description: By committing long-term to a brand idea, 'Made of More', Guinness defied significant challenges in the UK and Irish markets, and created an effective global communications platform. Guinness built on the qualified success of its early iterations of 'Made of More' to develop films which more effectively communicated the brand's distinctiveness and salience. This includes films such as 'Wheelchair basketball' and 'Sapeurs' that told stories of individuals making bold choices and displaying character. The strategy delivered improving returns, and was estimated to have delivered an overall profit ROI of 3.88 for every 1 invested (almost twice the category norm). ;---(TAGS)--- Full Title: An Effectiveness Story Made Of More ; Number: 2016/20 ; Brand Name: Guinness ; Client: Diageo ; IPA_ProductCoding: Drink (Alcoholic drinks - all) ; Drink (Beer/lager/ale) ; Agency: AMV BBDO ; Author: ;


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