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Lynx Rise ; Lynx: Using social media to drive brand loyalty - Lynx Facebook campaign - 2011

IPA Effectiveness Awards Case Study

Brief Description: It wasn’t driving new penetration into the brand and the market that Lynx struggled with, so much as converting this penetration into long-term loyalty. They decided to let go of their ownership of consumer data, and use Facebook and social media as a platform to engage with audiences on their terms in order to significantly influence spending habits. To keep the buzz and conversation going between campaigns Lynx developed an ‘always on’ approach, delivering a constant stream of content into Facebook so that the brand could maintain engagement levels. In total Lynx have demonstrated that the Facebook page drove £750,000 of additional revenue. ;---(TAGS)--- Full Title: Using social media to drive brand loyalty - Lynx Facebook campaign ; Number: 2011/26 ; Brand Name: Lynx Rise ; Lynx ; Client: Unilever ; IPA_ProductCoding: Cosmetics & Toiletries (Bath additives/soaps) ; Cosmetics & Toiletries (Deodorants) ; Agency: Tullo Marshall Warren ; Author: Selina Sykes - Unilever, Martin Harrison - Tullo Marshall Warren, Susannah Clark - Tullo Marshall Warren ;


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