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Pancreatic Cancer Action - Giving a voice to silent killer

IPA Effectiveness Awards Case Study 2014

Pancreatic cancer is the fifth biggest cause of cancer death in the UK, only 3% survive. Pancreatic Cancer Action wanted to start to change these statistics, but with only a small budget of £78k. Working with Team Darwin, they launched a heavily researched campaign based around the idea of ‘I wish I had a more survivable cancer’, an insight gleaned from real pancreatic cancer sufferers, which brought to life the horrific realisation that for the majority, by the time they were diagnosed, it was already too late. The campaign relied on press and outdoor media coverage to get the best visability and generated awareness in over a quarter of the adult UK population, and secured PCA an audience with the Health Secretary. The campaign could deliver a potential ROMI of 4000, saving the NHS millions of pounds.

2014 Awards


GoldGold Award
Best Small Budget

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