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The National Lottery: How doing 'one hundred things one per cent better' helped Camelot achieve record sales

IPA Effectiveness Awards Case Study 2012

All lotteries generate vast excitement when they launch but go into steep sales decline as optimism inevitably fades. To address this, over the last seven years, MPG Media Contacts has devised a successful rollover marketing formula, under-pinned by econometrics, to tame the inherent ‘unpredictability’ of the lottery business. The strategy has involved minimising late-buying in TV, a focused spot-length strategy, and strategic message and channel deployment to maximise the ROI potential of any jackpot scenario. This has provided the platform for managed long-term growth via brand diversification and new game development, and helped Camelot to achieve record sales of £5.8billion in 2011 - bucking the global trend of declining lottery sales worldwide.

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